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In times past, betting will be regarded as the act of gambling money just to predict the possible outcome of a sporting event because the majority of people could not understand the motive behind the act of betting, especially when people just expect a game to be enjoyed and not overanalyzed or turned into a means of making money. Over the years, betting has come to change meaning entirely from the seemingly unserious act of gambling, into art that shows the great skills of betting tipsters and has proven to be a means by which even many more people are drawn to sports around the world.

Sports and betting

Sports is a game that was made to be enjoyed by anyone anywhere in the world. Whether locally or internationally, the games are always the same and are made plain in such a way that a random person can watch a regular game by the roadside and still get to enjoy it as long as he or she has an interest in that particular kind of sport.

With betting now, the sport has moved from just a game to be enjoyed to a more personal enterprise for every bettor involved. Everyone who has dropped a stake for a particular game wants to ensure that his or her money is put to good use and will yield great earnings for them. 

Explains the reason why people will go to any lengths just to ensure that they get in their stake for the game they seem quite sure to have figured out. No one wants to be left out of the celebration of a possible extra winning after a game, hence, they will get their stake in, as long as they are convinced that the odds are in their favour. 

Sports betting has known to be the cause of major clashes at sporting events ground, especially when, after a certain game, the bettor isn’t pleased with the outcome, knowing fully well that the odds were not sure and as such money has been lost.

Sports variety open for betting

There are various sporting events that are open for betting. These sports usually have unpredictable outcomes which make betting for the possible outcomes possible. The most common sport that people make bets for in Nigeria is football. People go as far as to place their stakes and drop their odds even for local football games held within streets in the society.

There are other games that people place their bets for though. Games like Tennis and Basketball are the other likely common ones in Nigeria and this is because their audience base is not as large as that of football. The least common are baseball, ice hockey, rugby, or American football.

For most Nigerians, football betting is the only one they are open and interested in.

Why Nigerians love football

As mentioned earlier, football is the most loved and followed sport in Nigeria. To some Nigerians, football has come to mean more than just a sport but a greater passion

Football has come to be the binding factor for great relationships in Nigeria, it has also been the cause of great disturbance in neighbourhoods and between people. People have been seen throwing tantrums when their team loses or go into crazed celebrations on the streets of Lagos. All this goes to show that Nigerians greatly love football and don’t joke with it.

There are various reasons why Nigerians have come to love football more than other sports that are. For one, there are many Nigerians playing in the international space and Nigerians love to associate themselves as much as they can. 

Asides this, football has produced a whole lot of top players that Nigerians will forever hold dear. We have the likes of Nwankwo Kanu, Mudashiru Lawal, Vincent Enyeama, Rashidi Yekini, Jay Jay Okocha, and John Obi Mikel to mention but a few.

Due to the status of the above-mentioned players, football has come to be the symbol of wealth for most Nigerians. A lot of people now start out playing football in their streets with the hope that they one day get their own big break and become rich from playing football.

Football also serves as a means of entertainment to Nigerians as well as a means to bust stress majorly at the end of busy weeks or days. It as well serves as a great medium that binds Nigerians together. At the football pitch, everyone is either playing or a spectator. Nothing else matters at that point.

Betting online

Betting has become so sophisticated that people no longer have to meet physically to stake on a game and give the money to a bookmaker to keep track of the predictions made and give the money to the winner. 

We have seen the rise of various sites over the years that have realized the need to make betting as easy as it can be for all parties involved. With the fact that you can bet online irrespective of where you are in the world without the fear that the bookmaker involved or the other parties are out to dupe you is quite comforting to a lot of people.

Asides that, betting online gives a more sense of security especially when you use a trusted site like betting tips Nigeria. You are certain that your bet is secure.


Tipsters in simple terms, and like the name implies, are people who give betting tips that will help improve your chances with a bet. If you happen to be an expert on the topic of football and all other forms of sport and you consider yourself a pro on sports matters, then it can be safe to assume that becoming a tipster might not be too difficult for you especially if you put your mind to it. Most tipsters start off attributing the success of their tips to just sheer luck initially till they realize that they might have created a pattern for themselves already.

There are sites for professional sports tipsters who dedicate their time to studying the sports they consider themselves pro at and they earn their money from it. Tipsters have come to be known for giving great in-depth analysis and insights to every betting tip they give.

How to make an informed decision while betting

The best option to ensure that you have made the best decision with your bet is to trust a tipster. If you find a pro tipster, especially like the ones found at Betting Tips Nigeria, you would never want to go through the stress of calculating odds yourself and trying to figure out the team that will win.

If you would rather not use a tipster, especially if you feel you are better than the ones you have seen so far, you can then calculate your odds yourself. 

The first thing that will help with making better decisions is sticking to one bookmaker. Get familiar with how a bookmaker works and be around to get tips from better tipsters.

Another thing that can help with making an informed decision while betting is to belong to a social betting community. This community will help you thrive a great deal as you will have people with whom you can rub minds and analyze games together. 

Finding a social betting community

Social betting communities exist to ensure that lovers of the sport who desire to bet can find a like-minded society to help form their betting choices and decisions. Finding a social betting community just helps to ease the stress of having to wonder if your betting choice is any good or not. Belonging to a social betting community ensures that you have people to share betting tips or any other sporting tip that you find useful and of benefit to others.

Belonging to a community like this ensures that you are kept up to date with various betting drills and you know what is in vogue. You have people to share ideas and opinions without having to worry about annoying someone who isn’t inclined towards betting.

Finding the perfect social betting community means that you will not just be part of a fun-filled and entertaining society, but as well get even better chances of winning every time you place a bet.

Belonging to a betting community like this ensures that you do not place a bet based on a random feeling or a hunch, especially if these have failed you in the past.

Best sites for betting in Nigeria

There are various sites that can be used for betting in Nigeria. Most of these sites are solely for football betting as that seems to be the most common sports that Nigerians turn out in large numbers for since it has a larger audience base and fans.  

For those who love free bets, an opportunity to bet on big tournaments, as well as access to one of the biggest sportsbooks in the world, they visit BetWay. NairaBet, on the other hand, offers free betting, does a Monday funding madness, and has a feature that allows you to “epp ya padi.” In the case of BetNaija, they are known to double every first deposit made, and their payment method is known to be very reliable and secure.

There’s WazoBet as well and their strong selling point is in the fact that they give a 10% weekly cashback and give an accumulator bonus of up to 125%. Another great betting site in Nigeria is Bet9ja. This betting site gives 100% first deposit bonus, integrated livescore and they also have global brands and markets. 22Bet sells itself for its Friday reload bonus and great promotions.

The above-mentioned betting sites are the top ones as far as Nigeria is concerned. And as you must have noticed, they offer great incentives that they have come to be known for.

What is the best site for betting tips?

Seeing an increase in the fanbase of sports and the extra need for fans to go the extra mile, it is no surprise then that various betting sites have sprung up. These sites do not just aim to be mediums for betting, they as well go the extra mile to ensure that whosoever has a need for sound betting advice also finds solace in their page.

Amongst the numerous betting sites all over Nigeria, the best site to be trusted for betting tips is no other than betting tips Nigeria. The site is the surest and most reliable one when it comes to sure football predictions. And they came to be recognized as such because their audience base has realized that over the years, unlike all other betting sites for betting tips, they give the best betting tips.

This is made possible with the great tipsters that the site has come to have gathered over the years. At betting tips Nigeria, our tipsters take their time and do an in-depth analysis of every sport they have to give betting tips about.

If your one great wish is to get the best site for betting tips that are secure and reliable, then search no further, betting tips Nigeria has got all your betting worries covered.

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Football betting

As there is a variety of football seasons, there is also a variety of times and periods that people get to place their bets. The English Premier League is one common one that most people always tend to look out for in Nigeria. You can also bet on La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1, German Bundesliga, as well as lower leagues like Dutch League,  Estonian League, Scottish Premier League, and many more leagues across the world.

There are a number of ways to bet on our football tips, but the best is through a free bet.

For football betting, there is the opportunity for one to place a bet for just the first half of the game. In this case, you will be required to make a prediction of the likely winner after the first half of the game and the possible goals scored.

To place a football bet, you should know that there are certain terms you should have in mind. You should know the stake which is the amount of money that you choose to drop to secure your bet. Should in case you lose the bet, the stake is the amount of money you stand to lose.

Value betting 

Value betting is the term used to show that a bookmaker has undervalued a bet. It has a whole concept behind it that is quite simple in theory. In practice, on the other hand, it might seem a bit difficult to identify a value bet. 

Due to the difficulty proven in identifying value bets, there is various value betting systems to identify good value odds. The only downside to the systems is the cost and the fact that it is time-consuming. The subscription fee for the professional software might make anyone have a rethink.

Asides the cost, you should also know that value betting has proven, over the years to come with its own risks. Matched betting, on the other hand, has shown to be safer and steadier.


A bookmaker is a person who takes bets, calculates odds and pays out winnings. The goal of every bookmaker is to make more and bring more money in than the amount that goes out. To be honest, though, bookmakers do not have any control over the outcome of the sport, but they do have a bit of control over the amount they stand to lose or win on specific results. In short, bookmakers are the managers of a betting website or shop.

Free betting

Free betting happens when a bookmaker makes a stake for a bet without collecting a fee from the bettor. This is a trend adopted by most bookmakers who have online platforms. As the idea is to retain as many users to their betting platform as possible, they adopt these tactics to new customers who open new betting accounts with them.

And since free betting is an opportunity to place a bet knowing fully well that you do not get to bear the risk and the loss of such a bet, most people give in easily and welcome a free bet when they are given one. This then becomes more interesting when you consider the fact that even when you do not get to bear a part of the loss, you get to enjoy from the winnings if the bet does win.

Another cause of worry is to consider how the bookmakers then make their money if they grant every new customer to their site a free bet. This should be no concern of yours, as was mentioned when we discussed bookmakers, they have their own interesting way of making money. So, when you do sign up on betting tips Nigeria and you are offered free betting, ensure that you use the opportunity well. 

The only downside to free betting is that when there is a win, you only get to take a part of the win as mentioned earlier. As the stake for the bet wasn’t dropped by you, you have no right to the stake, just the winning.

Majorly, free bets are given to people by bookmakers in an attempt to retain them as customers. Although there are varieties of free bets available from reputable bookmakers online at any given time, getting one from a reliable source such as betting tips Nigeria is a great way to begin.

Betting tips in Nigeria.

Be of sound mind when you place a bet. You do not want to drop any amount of money when you are not thinking straight. 

Ensure you are familiar with the bookmaker and the environment. 

Only place a bet after you know the rules of the game and the bet and you are familiar with it. This ensures that after placing your stake, an unwarranted event doesn’t occur making you lose your money in an irresponsible manner.

Try as much as you can not get greedy. Betting is placing a gamble and if you happen to be lucky more often than not it tends to get to the head. Try as much as you can to not get greedy and go off borrowing just to make a stake. There are bets for as little as 100 naira. Ensure that whatever stake you drop is what you can afford.

Avoid betting on friendlies if you can. They tend to be very unpredictable, it is better to be avoided. 

If you will be placing your bet through a physical shop, it is advisable you go to the location yourself.

You do not want to hear from a third party that the betting shop you are familiar with was robbed.

If you must send someone to place a bet on your behalf, ensure that such a person can be trusted with your money. 

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How to determine the best bookmaker in Nigeria

The first thing to determine great bookmakers and the best betting site in Nigeria 2021 is to find out about their Licensing and ownership. Ensure that you know the owner of the betting site and they have proof of being licensed. 

Another thing you can use to determine how good a betting site is to check their bettor reviews. Bettors tend to give their honest reviews if they have enjoyed great service, you can go through that. 

Their bonus offers and promotions, secure payment method, as well as their customer support, all go a long way to prove how great and secure a betting site is.