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On this page, you will find betting tips and sure predictions of football. We have created this page with the goal to provide high-quality and accurate betting tips for Nigerian players. We hope that you will enjoy our betting tips.

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Arsenal Brighton 5 December 2019

Midweek in the Premier League rounds between Arsenal-Brighton on Thursday is expected to be a fun and tough game.

The betting tips from is Arsenal Asian -1.

arsenal brighton 5 december 2019

It means a big win if Arsenal wins by a two-goal victory. The money-back if Arsenal wins with the one goal. This game can be placed on many different betting sites.

This season is really up and down for Arsenal. It has really looked miserable at times. And there are still big problems in the club with outgoing contracts, an unbalanced squad and an economy suffering from the CL shortage. Maybe the new coach Fredrik Ljungberg will be able to change a few things?

Last Game

The effort in the away game against Norwich on Sunday was one of the best games of the season. The first 30 minutes were very good with Arsenal deserved to lead. However, Norwich managed to take the lead in one of their first attacks when Pucci’s shot was headed into the goal by miserable Mustafi. Arsenal acknowledged but got a new blow when Cantwell put in 2-1 with the first half’s last kick. Incredibly heavy for a low-confidence Arsenal not to receive a payout on the game and a lead to play on. Very likely they had won by then. The second half was not good at all, but overall it looked better than under the previous coach Emery. The players at least looked inspired.

On Thursday Ljungberg makes his first home game. The fans are still positive about him as he is a club icon and will stand behind the team. The atmosphere of the Emirates is certainly nothing to brag about, but at least it will not be the predestined mood it was during Emery’s last month – when the crowd became a burden and many times turned to the team.

All this should make Arsenal get a little more out of their players and then the squad should be top six in this league. Usually strong at home against this type of resistance.


Brighton actually fits Arsenal just as well. Arsenal has no direct base game or effective possession game, they are the sharpest when the individually skilled offensive players have to adjust with some surfaces to work with. Then Lacazette, Aubameyang, Özil and maybe Pepe are the best. You should get this. Potter has done a good job with Brighton but we should not forget that it was one of the lowest-ranked teams for the season. Is in place 16 in the regular table for this season and it is probably somewhere where they end up we think – place 12-17.


After all, we believe Arsenal will get a win that is so much needed. Many Nigerians are cheering for Arsenal and there are many good reasons for it! For example, Arsenal have has many great players from Nigerian and Africa. We believe a late goal with the end result 3-1 to Arsenal. With the Arsenal Asian -1 you will also win if Arsenal wins 2-0 which is also a high chance. Good luck!

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casino and betting in nigeria

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Sports Betting in Nigeria

Now, let’s talk about sports betting. If you want to try your luck in this, then you must be looking for the one who can give you a way to do the same. For that, we are here to assist you in this. Here are the facts about sports betting which can be advantageous for you. With the use of these tips, you can become a professional betting champion within a short span only. You need to scroll down if you want to get the answers for all the queries running in your mind.

How can trading Bots become assistive for betting?

  • On the very first note, you must look forward to automatise your betting strategies. For this, you will need trading bots if you are seeking to gain the quintessential upshots as they will endow you with automatic processes rather than doing everything manually.
  • Next benefit is that you can monitor multiple places at the same time, which is not effortless for you, but the trading boys can do the same for you. All the opportunities that you can miss sometimes will get the solution with the help of
  • Along with this, Bots can assist you to find the right technology for trading as well as proving high-level configurability to your strategies.

How long people need to wait to withdraw their betting money?

The hold time of 72 hours is decided as per the rules of sports betting. After that, different countries can take different time to credit the amount into the trader’s account. In most of the cases, this span can take minimum 12 hours, and if we are talking about the maximum time, then this limit can get extended up to 3 or 4 days, and that depends on the bank policies.

Online Casino and Sports Betting Summary

The online casino is one thing that lets you flaunt your expertise in handing cards and getting the better of them during a game. If you seek some other way around to earn money online, you are welcome to have a shot at any of the online sports betting sites we write about, as well where you can win money by observing sports events and predicting the possible outcomes.

5 Successful Betting Tips for Beginners

Betting can be quite an easy feat to accomplish but just as it is with anything else you want to succeed at, there is the need to learn the ropes especially if it is untested waters. A beginner in betting? Here are 5 successful tips you should know as a beginner

There are many things to love about betting. It’s fun, it helps you to further connect with your favourite sport and most importantly, it gives you an opportunity to make some cool cash. Although, a site like Betting Tips Nigeria would give the most accurate predictions you could possibly need, you still need to exercise some due diligence before getting into the betting world proper.5 five betting tips nigeria

As a beginner, you’re most likely in the game to make some money, it’s only right that you are aware of certain tips that would help you achieve this end goal in good time. If you’re getting into betting only for the fun of it, you are in the right place still. Below are 5 proven tips sure to help you.

  1. Do your research
    Reading this post is proof that you are doing this already, so well done. Putting in some time to read about all things betting would be helpful in the long run as it would guide your decision-making process. Read articles. Watch sports channels. Study betting statistics. Basically, gather as much knowledge as you can.
  2. Set a budget
    It doesn’t matter how financially buoyant you are. When it comes to betting, setting a budget is king. Sticking to it is queen. When you bet, there is always a likelihood of losing money. This is why you should always have a certain amount you’re willing to put up for the risk. Also, be determined to not overshoot this budget, no matter what happens.
  3. Be unbiased
    Hey, don’t do it. Don’t bet with your heart. It is okay to root for your favourite team to win but don’t take that optimism too seriously when it comes to betting especially if you’re in it for the money. Never place bets based on what you want to happen. That’s a huge DON’T of betting.
  4. Stick to what you know
    It might be tempting to place bets on unfamiliar territories like leagues you’re not very knowledgeable about. As a newbie to the betting world, this isn’t advisable. Take baby steps first and stick to the leagues you’re well-informed about before branching out to others.
  5. Get information from trusted sources
    Last but in no way the least, look to only reliable betting and prediction sites like Betting Tips Nigeria for information. As you would find, doing this comes with a whole lot of benefits.
    Nothing may be guaranteed in betting but abiding by the 5 tips above would kick start your betting journey on a good note.

Man City – Tottenham – 17 April 2019

Tight England game to expect in the Champions League

This is two teams in good form and they have one thing in common – few goals conceded and respect for each other.

Under 3.5 goals
1.63 at NairaBET

17 April, 20:00
Sport: Football
Country: England
League: Champions League
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Can Spurs Make the “Impossible”? And how impossible is the “Impossible”? No, we really do see that Spurs will win this in aggregate.


With the away goal rule and the dignity of the match, we do not believe in two offensive absolutely headless teams in this match. Tottenham has 1-0 to go on but lacks Harry Kane et al. No optimal position to meet City who has won 16/17 home games in the Premier League this season. But in the Champions League, there is not much difference between these teams. Spurs won the home meeting and football is not always logical. Therefore, I will look more at goals than victors – even though I, like many others, believe that City wins the match.

Spurs will come here to shut down City and to keep 0-0 as long as it goes. The contracting positions will appear and then it is important to have energy and to be on the cutting edge. Should it be 1-0 to City, the situation is tricky. Depending on how late or early it is in the match, the law will be more or less cautious. But such a result could, of course, mean that the match becomes more cautious in the second half. A goal entered for the City and the race can be run because of the away goal rule. At the same time as Spurs, without Kane, nor does it want a 2-0 drawback against such a fierce team as City on away soil.


We think the best bet in this game is for goals. The teams has met twice this season – although both times in London – but with out-of-bounds for each team. City in the league and Spurs in CL. Two teams with respect for each other’s strengths.

Therefore, we play Under 3.5 goals at 1.63 at NairaBET.

Preliminary 11

City (4-3-3) Ederson – Walker, Stones, Laporte, Zinchenko – Bruyne, Fernandinho, Silva – Silva, Jesus, Sterling

Out: Bravo, Fernandinho

Spurs (3-4-2-1) Lloris – Alderwiereld, Sanchez, Vertonghen – Trippier, Sissoko, Winks, Rose – Eriksen, Alli – Heung-Min

Out: Dier, Aurier, Lamela, Kane.

Uncertain: Winks, Alli, Llorente

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