Founded in 2006, Betway has become one of the biggest gambling companies in the world. While sports’ betting is their primary focus, they also offer a wide range of other gambling services such as poker and bingo, Keno, casino games and slot games. Betway Nigeria is run and operated by Digi Bay Limited. This is in turn licensed by the Lagos state government of Nigeria to conduct sports betting. 


  • Visit the official Betway Nigeria website and click on “register”
  • Enter your mobile phone number, a secure password of your choice, your first and last name as they appear on your official ID as well as your email address and click on “next”
  • Enter your date of birth, current address, select the state you live in, and a sign-up or referral code(optional) 
  • Tick the box that states that you’re over 18 years and that you accept Betway’s terms and conditions and click the “register” link.
  • After that, you are given an account number as well as an option to “deposit now” or “deposit later”


There are three different ways you can credit your Betway account; using an ATM, using your credit/debit card and paying over the counter at the bank

Using an ATM:

  • Insert your bank card at any ATM that supports QuickTeller/Interswitch
  • Select the “QuickTeller/Pay bills” option and then select your account type(savings/current)
  • Choose your payment option by clicking either “Pay Merchant/others”, type in the merchant code(04323301)
  • Input your Betway Nigeria account number and the amount you’d like to credit your account with
  • Input your phone number after the prompt and then select the “proceed” option
  • You are going to get a “transaction successful” message soon after.

Using your credit/debit card:

  • Log into your Betway account and click the “My Account” link on the top right-hand corner of the page
  • Click the “deposit funds” and then the “credit/debit card” links
  • If you’re depositing money with your card for the first time, enter your new card details and then enter the amount you wish to credit your account with and proceed
  • A page will load where you can enter the card details. Do that and then make the payment
  • You can either enter your ATM pin or have an OTP sent to your phone for authentication
  • If you have enough money in your account, you are going to receive a “transaction successful” notification.

Paying at the bank

  • Visit the closest bank branch to you and fill in a funds transfer slip with: the Betway account number, the beneficiary account name (Betway) and the amount you wish to deposit.
  • Hand over the slip along with your money and ask the teller to make a Paydirect deposit to Betway Nigeria
  • After the payment has been completed, the teller will give you a receipt as confirmation of payment. 


After you’ve made your first deposit, you can click on the “first deposit offer” banner. This means that for transactions with a minimum of N100 and a maximum of N20, 000 you get a 50% free bet bonus as long as the odds played are at least 3.  Compared to other leading Nigerian betting sites, however, Betway offers a lower first bonus.

To make your first bet: 

  • On the Betway homepage, navigate to your preferred sport and click on the link
  • On the left-hand side of the screen are the highlights and a box where you can search for events and on the right side you have the tab showing your “bet slip” and “bets”
  • On the left-hand side, you click on the league the team you’d like to bet on plays in and the fixture list will pop up.
  • Select the match(es) you’d like to bet on and another menu pops up showing you all the available bets for that particular game.
  • Depending on what you’d like to bet on, the website offers you a wide range of options ranging from the match result to the number of fouls committed in the game.
  • You have the option to either play a single game or an accumulator. An accumulator is a type of bet where you have a minimum of four different games, the odds are higher and so is the risk involved. One game not bringing in the required result will render the whole accumulator regardless of the other results.
  • After picking the bets you want, enter the amount you wish to bet with and press okay.
  • When you enter the amount you want to bet with, the amount to be won and the bonus will be shown to you as well. Note that the minimum amount you can stake with is N100
  • The completed bet is then saved and can be accessed by clicking on the “my bets” option to track the bet played.


Over one year passed from the moment I placed my first bet to the moment I had an accumulator come in and sometimes, I felt sure that I would never win and that I was throwing money down the drain. The day I had an accumulator come in is one I won’t easily forget though; such was the joy and relief I felt that day. Hopefully, you won’t have to wait as long as I did to record your first win and many more after that. Here’s what to do when your bets come in:

  • Click on “my account” on the Betway homepage, this will bring up a menu on the left-hand side of the screen.
  • On this menu, click on “withdraw funds”, fill in an amount equal to or less than the amount won on the withdrawal form provided along with your verified bank details
  • Click on “proceed” when you’ve filled the form and verify your details
  • Your account will be credited with the amount requested.

N.B: there are two types of withdrawal on Betway Nigeria: EFT and Mobile money. EFT takes 1-2 business days to process the payment while mobile money is usually near-instantaneous. The difference is that “EFT” has a much larger limit than “mobile money”- a minimum withdrawal of N100 and a maximum of N1, 000,000 while mobile money has a minimum payout of N2 and a maximum of N2, 000. For this reason, it is advisable to use the EFT withdrawal method.


Betting on live matches with Betway is a little different from betting on the usual football matches, for live matches, you’re betting on an already ongoing game and the odds will reflect accordingly. For example, if you place a bet on a live match between Manchester City and Norwich with Manchester city ahead by 3 goals, betting on Norwich to come back and win would give you a much higher return than betting on Manchester City to win that game.

How to bet on live games

  • Click on the “live” link on your Betway homepage and you’ll be shown a selection of sports currently being played. Select the sport and league the team you’d like to bet on is playing in.
  • Click on the outcome(s) you’d like to bet on, fill in the amount you’d like to bet with and click “bet now”. Your live bet has now been played.

N.B: You’ll have to place your bet quickly as any action in the game could drastically increase/reduce the odds suddenly.


Football and sports are not the only options available on Betway, there are other options such as; Casino, virtuals, Lucky numbers, Jackpots and many others to bet on. All you have to do is deposit money in your Betway account, pick the type of bet you’d like to make and enjoy the possibilities the website has to offer.



Yes, they are, on both the iTunes app store and for android. To get the Betway application on an Apple device, simply visit the iTunes app store and download it. If you want the app on your android device, however, you’ll need to visit the Betway Nigeria website.


Picture this scenario: you have a 15-game accumulator with one game to run and if that game’s result comes in, you win N10, 000,000. The last game is the El Clasico and you’ve backed Barcelona to beat Real Madrid at the Santiago Bernabeu so you’ve been nervous all day because now you wish you hadn’t taken such a huge risk. Suddenly, while scrolling down your twitter timeline, your heart stops and you scroll back up to see a Guillem Balague tweet saying “Lionel Messi to miss El Clasico after tripping over his dog and falling down the stairs”. At this point you can almost see your ten million naira ticket burning, is this how the money you’ve already budgeted disappears? That is where the option for situations like this called “cash out” comes in handy.

How to Cash Out

  • Log into your Betway Nigeria account
  • Click on “my bets”
  • After clicking on my bets, you’ll see a “cash-out” option under the bet, go ahead and click that.
  • You will be asked to confirm and after doing that, a message will pop up saying you’ve successfully cashed out. 

Cashing out allows you to cancel the bet and still claim a sum of money, but with the odds of the remaining match (es) removed. Betway Nigeria also reserves the right to change the cash-out value depending on the odds shifting. This means if the factors are favourable to them, you’ll receive lower cash out, but if the factors are favourable to you, your cash out value will be higher.


As experienced bettors know, the difference between odds across major betting sites could be hundreds, thousands, and even millions of naira depending on the amount being staked. That’s why they carefully select a betting site. With its international reputation, Betway is one of the most reliable operators in the country. Additionally, a new feature was launched in 2019 called “win boost” which allows bettors to increase their potential multi-bet payouts by 250%.

To qualify for the boost, all you need to do is place a multi-bet of at least five different “games”, make sure that each game has a minimum of 1.2 odds and place your bet. Keep in mind that the more games you have on the slip, the higher your boost will be.

A quick breakdown of common betting markets:

  • Win/double chance: this is the easiest type of betting as it’s directly tied to the match result. The types of odds you can play around the match result are; ‘1’ for a home team outright win, ‘2’ for an outright win for the away team, ‘1X’ and ‘2X’ for the home and away teams to win/draw respectively and ‘12’ for either of the teams to win outright. 
  • The number of goals: depending on if you think it will be a high/low-scoring game, you can bet on a “goals” outcome; from over/under to both teams to score and no goal. For over/under, if you think at least 3 goals will be scored in the game, you can bet “over 2.5 goals”, if you believe not up to three goals will be scored, you bet “under 2.5” and if 3 or more goals are scored, the bet is forfeit. If you think there’ll be more/fewer goals, there are options for that as well. ‘GG’ is for games where you think both teams will score, ‘GG’ is for instances where you feel that both teams won’t score.
  • Goals: you can bet on goal events such as “first/anytime goalscorer” and “first/last team to score”. The odds for these markets are higher as the possibility of getting the correct is higher than the traditional bets. There are also markets for goals in a specified time limit like the first/last ten minutes of the game


In addition to the more traditional sports betting, Betway Nigeria also has casino events for its customers, offering a wide range of events including poker and slots. To enjoy the casino events, simply fund your account the traditional way and go to the casino section to access the different offerings available.


  • How to register on Betway Nigeria?

Visit and select “register”. Input all relevant information, when you’re done, select “next”. Again, fill in the boxes as you’re prompted, tick the box to verify that you’re over 18 years old and select “register”. You’ll immediately be given a Betway Nigeria account number.

  • How do I know the best markets to go on?

This is usually a matter of choice as most punters stick with what they know. Don’t bet on an obscure league just because someone else is doing it, that’s the quickest way to lose your money. You can either bet on teams you know, or if you’re following an online punter, their picks. If you think the match will be a high-scoring affair, there are several “over” odds available. If you think a particular team will win, you can either bet on them to win outrightly or hedge your bet by making it a double chance. Additionally, you can combine bets for higher odds and bonuses (and higher risk as well)

  • What is the best time to stake on a game?

If you leave placing the bet too late, you either meet reduced odds or you don’t get to place the bet at all. Placing the bet a day early is also a good option, but by betting 3-4 hours before the game, you know you’re more likely to catch any leaked team news and adjust your bet accordingly.

  • How do I deposit money?

There are different methods by which you can fund your Betway Nigeria account. One of them is by paying over the counter in a bank; visit a bank close to you and fill in a deposit slip with your Betway account number, the beneficiary name and the amount you wish to deposit. Hand the slip to the teller and have them make a Paydirect deposit to Betway Nigeria. You’ll be handed a receipt to confirm your payment. 

  • How do bonuses work on Betway Nigeria? 

With your first deposit on Betway Nigeria, you’ll get a 50% free bet for up to N20, 000 as long as your odds have a 3.0 odd minimum. Additionally, there’s a boost you qualify for by placing at least five different bets on one bet slip and as long as the odds each have a minimum of 1.5, you qualify for the bonus. The more games you add, the higher the bonus.

  • Is Betway a Nigerian company?

Betway is a prestigious global online gambling company that has operated in England for many years. Spotting an opportunity in 2006, they took the chance and started Betway Nigeria, making Betway a Nigerian company.